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Sparklings is a lemmings-like game in which you lead living sparks to the exit, using colored spots of light.

Get it

The Game

You can now download the alpha. If you notice any bug, please let me know via the issue tracker.

Supported OS : Windows XP SP2 or later.

If you encounter problems installing the recommended version, please try the setup.exe ( installer, it should get all the dependencies for you, except the XNA runtime, that you can find here:

You can find the save in %appdata%\sparklings\main.sav .

The level editor

To get the level editor, you will need to build it yourself, although its release is planned soon.


Feel free to report any bug via the issue tracker.

If you are a graphic artist willing to give a hand, I don't think you need to be told where there is work to do :). Please contact us at

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